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Mathematics is an intellectual activity, not a motor skill.
-Delano P. Wegener, 2005




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Mathematics is a deductive process, not a conditioned response.
Delano P. Wegener, 2005

Finding the right answer is no more evidence that you understand mathematics than finding an acorn is evidence that you can identify an oak tree.
- Delano P. Wegener, 2005

Stop Doing Math Long Enough To Learn It
- Delano P. Wegener, 2004

A teacher cannot teach mathematics by ignoring mathematics.
- Delano P. Wegener, 2010

A student cannot learn mathematics by ignoring mathematics.
- Delano P. Wegener, 2010

Do not study for a test. Review for a test.
- Delano P. Wegener, 2011

Children do not learn by doing....They learn by thinking, discussing, and reflecting on what they have done.
-William Speer, 1997

Learn mathematics by understanding rather than obedience.
- Fran Armstrong, 2006

Try not to have a good time, this is supposed to be educational.
- Charles Monroe Schulz, 1922 - 2000

Conceptual understanding and basic skills are not opposing interests.
Program Philosophy – Impact Mathmematics – McGraw-Hill Companies

The purpose of computing is insight not numbers.
- Richard Hamming