Math 160 College Algebra - Fall 2016 - Term B

Policies and Procedures


email:    When sending an email, the subject should be the course name: College Algebra

Role of Computers in this Class:

Class: Math 160: This is a 4 credit hour course. The class is in session for nine hours per week. It is expected that you study the course material an additional 18 hours per week. Ideally you should attend class nine hours per week, study the material 18 - 27 hours per week, and work problems an additional 9 - 12 hours per week. For most of you that means a total of 18 + 27 + 12 = 57 hours per week dedicated to this one course. It is a full-time job with lots of overtime!

Class Meeting Time: This class meets from 9:15 AM until 12:15 PM on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Office Hours: If you desire a conference with me, please make an appointment. For a brief discussion, simply stop at my desk before or after class. I will be available for walk-in assistance in the normal classroom on Wednesdays from 12:15 PM to 1:15 PM.

TESTS: There will be six major tests whose total value will be 800 points. Each of these tests will be comprehensive in the sense that they will test all material covered in the course prior to that test.
The first three tests will each be worth 100 points, the fourth and fifth test will each be worth 150 points and the sixth test (FINAL EXAM) will be worth 200 points.

Your grade for the course is based on the Final Exam and the best four of Tests 1 through 5 and will be determined according to the following scale.

Failure to take two or more of the major comprehensive tests will result in a failing grade in the course.
Failure to take the Final Exam will result in a failing grade in the course.

The comprehensive tests will be on these dates:

Test 1: One hour during class on Friday 28 October, 2016 Test 2: One hour during class on Friday 4 November, 2016
Test 3: One hour during class on Friday 11 November, 2016 Test 4: One and one-half hours during class on Friday 18 November, 2016
Test 5: One and one-half hours during class on Friday 2 December, 2016 Test 6/Final Exam: Two hours during class on Friday 9 December, 2016

The last day of class for this course is Friday 9 December, 2016. The comprehensive Final Exam (Test 6) will be administered in the normal classroom during the last class period.
No exceptions are permitted.

If unusual circumstances prohibit you from taking a major test (other than the Final Exam) on the scheduled date, you must (prior to the scheduled test time) obtain permission from Dr. Wegener to take the test at another time determined by Dr. Wegener. Such permission is granted only in very demanding or unusual circumstances. Under no circumstances will a make-up test be granted for more than one test. Under no circumstances will a make-up test be granted for the Final Exam.

Calculators: No Cell phones or any other device capable of communication may be used in class, on quizzes, or on tests. Graphing calculators with no communication capability will be used but will not be required for tests and quizzes.

Computers: No computers, laptops, ipods, ipads, pdas, cellphones, etc. may be operated during class time.

Academic Integrity: Any form of cheating will result in a failing grade for the course. No hats, caps, or hoods are permitted during tests. You are expected to read, abide by and uphold the STLCC Academic Integrity Statement available in the Policies and Procedures section of the DrDelMath website.

Withdrawal: A grade of "W" will be issued only if you initiate and complete the course withdrawal process before the final date (23 NOV) for such withdrawal. Failure to attend classes will result in a grade of "F" if you do not complete the withdrawal process.

Special Accommodations: The college has a department called the ACCESS OFFICE to guide, counsel, and assist students who need special accommodations. If you receive services through the Access Office and/or need special arrangements, please speak to me about those special needs during the first day of classes.

Attendance: You are expected to attend every class during the semester. Keep in mind that each class period is the equivalent of three classes in a normal semester. You are expected to arrive prior to the scheduled start time for the class and you are expected to remain in class until class is dismissed. If your attendance record is poor, it is unreasonable to expect significant help from your instructor. Conversely, if your attendance record and effort is good you can expect significant help from your instructor. During your time in class, you are expected to be courteous and respectful of your fellow students.

Delano P. Wegener, Ph.D.